The Secret Benefit Of Accessibility Part 2: A Higher Search Engine Ranking

An additional benefit of website accessibility is an improved performance in search engines. The more accessible it is to search engines, the more accurately they can predict what the restaurant's website is about, and the higher your restaurant's website will appear in the rankings. Not all of the accessibility guidelines will help with your search engine rankings, but there are certainly numerous areas of overlap: 1. ALT descriptions assigned to images Screen readers, used by many visually impaired web users to surf the web, can't understand images. As such, to ensure accessibility an…continue reading →

The Secret Benefit Of Search Engine Optimisation: Increased Usability

A higher search ranking is what many restaurant owners dream of. What they don't realise is that by optimising their restaurant's website for the search engines, if done correctly, they can also optimise it for their site visitors. Ultimately this means more people finding your restaurant's website and increased sales and lead generation. But are search engine optimisation and usability compatible? Aren't there trade-offs that need to be made between giving search engines what they want and giving people what they want? Read on and find out (although I'm sure you can guess…continue reading →

Is A Site Map Important for Your Restaurant’s Website Or Not?

Have you ever visited a restaurant website and never noticed the "Site Map" button jammed somewhere near the bottom of the page? Why do they not have a sitemap at the bottom of their page and, why do restaurant websites need site maps? The Site Map – Very Important In the old days of the net, experts proclaimed every restaurant website should have a site map. From their ivory tower, they proclaimed the site map as the extraordinary method to assure potential customers could easily navigate the restaurant website and find what they…continue reading →