Most SEO specialists agree that restaurant website marketing is easier when WordPress web design is used. Of course, with WordPress’s seemingly unparalleled customizability and flexibility, the application of online marketing techniques and strategies is definitely smoother and simpler. Aside from that, running into a glitch is seldom a problem. WordPress has tons of reliable resources online. Finding answers is just a matter of typing a few keywords into a search bar.

If you’re thinking of starting a restaurant business website and if you’re thinking of increasing your revenue, boosting your restaurant image, and increasing your in-store visits, WordPress is a good choice. Take a look at these tips to get the most out of your WordPress restaurant website:

Invest in your web design. Hook your reader’s interest right from the start by having a Fun, flashy, lively looking restaurant website. Spend time perfecting your color choices, graphics selection, and layout. Be involved in the design process. Don’t stop until everything is down to a tee. Why? The first thing that will make an impact to your site’s visitor is the look and feel of your restaurant website. Your custom visual design should create a look and feel that gets people hungry thus beckoning customers to come in and enjoy the restaurant’s eating atmosphere that you offer. Although content is also important, it comes second when it comes to catching your reader’s attention at the very beginning. Before you can please your reader’s mind with words, you have to please their eyes first.

Use custom fonts. This is one of the many qualities that set WordPress apart. WordPress allows the use of custom fonts. Finally, you can break away from the simple, and admittedly, somehow boring standard fonts. Now you can enhance your restaurant website’s visual appeal but using fonts that are interesting. Just make sure you know how to use this WordPress feature “wisely.” Don’t go crazy with it. Use it to make headings stand out but keep it simple with the rest of the texts.

Format your words nicely. WordPress has great formatting options. So, use this to your advantage. Long, chunky paragraphs will dampen your site visitor’s interest. So, layout your texts and paragraphs in such a way that it seems light and easy to your readers’ eyes. Use bullets, break up paragraphs, and use ample spacing.

Be choosy with images. Inserting images into posts and pages is easy with WordPress. There’s no need for unnecessary code-tweaking. All you have to do is click some buttons and your image is uploaded. But because this is so easy to do, don’t get carried away with it. Before using a picture, make sure that it’s called for and that it’s properly sized. Too much use of images can slow down your site’s loading speed and consequently, annoy your readers.

Why A Visually Appealing Restaurant Website Is Important